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Silencing the Stigma of Medical Marijuana Use

As forward as the momentum of medical marijuana is moving across Canada and the US, many legal medical marijuana card holding citizens are finding that discrimination hasn’t quite yet died. Thanks to years of negative propaganda against marijuana, there’s a lot of stereotypes that surround those who use it medically or otherwise. Although those of […]


Congo is literally described to a T in the description, lives up to every word, the most notable is the tingling sensation which is incredible. Very strong! Initially as I was smoking, I did not feel much, little punches of what was yet to come..then it hits and the high keeps escalating over about 1-2.5 […]

Write for Us

We’re proud to attract medical marijuana readers, so if you’re passionate about writing and have a strong authority with medical marijuana, growing or smoking culture then we’d love for you to join our growing network of contributing writers. Successful guest blog posts explain a topic completely in a way that a broad audience can understand, […]