Congo is literally described to a T in the description, lives up to every word, the most notable is the tingling sensation which is incredible. Very strong! Initially as I was smoking, I did not feel much, little punches of what was yet to come..then it hits and the high keeps escalating over about 1-2.5 hours. All I wanted to do was smoke more so I could taste it again, but I couldn’t because I was so high 🙂 finally after 2’ish hours it plateaus and you get what felt like a full body’ tingling stone with a relaxed and content mind. All this and fully aware/functional and happy. Fast delivery, great customer service. Will order again. Jason



very impressed with this bud. actually I have been really impressed with everything i’ve recieved from AA bud to to AAAAA live resin I have never questioned my monies worth. I love that you guys have a price range for everyone keep up the good work! I tried to leave a review on leafly but I couldn’t log in Thanks again BMWO

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